Moving services for home and office in Redwood City.

Moving Homes?

Let Redwood City Movers handle this job for you. We understand that moving is tough, but we can make this process as seamless as possible. Redwood City Movers is the only local moving company that would always consider your budget. Your convenience is our priority, and we will always make your move according to your best availability. Redwood City Movers take great pride in charging fair prices, and with no surprises. If you are moving with your company, you only have to pay for labor, truck usage, packing material, and equipment. Unlike our competitors, Redwood City Movers don’t charge extra for weekends.

How You Can Prepare

It’s best if you can pack a couple of days before the day of your move. You can look for some boxes from us. The best part is that we offer the moving boxes for free. Once we are in your location, our expert movers will help you finish any unpacked items such as electronics, pictures, mirrors, lamps, and antiques – with no extra cost. For your peace of mind, we will wrap and pad all your belongings and crate other valuable items. Then, Redwood City Movers will load your belongings securely to our truck and deliver it to your new home or office. For extra help, our professional movers can even help you unwrap, unpack, and set up your furniture unless otherwise requested. Ready for your move? Don’t hesitate to request a quote today and inquire about any details regarding your move when we get back to you.

Commercial Services

Redwood City Movers is always ready to help you relocate your business any time that is convenient for you. With our seamless approach, you’ll never have to close your business to accommodate your move. Redwood City Movers can make your move at night, on the weekend, or even on holiday. We guarantee that the very next business day you will be able to open the new doors of your company’s new location.